Max  makinzine

Max MakinZine is a ten-year-old boy,  who run a way from his granmother  he was traveled  efter he was bullid by the  teen boys pof his school they  Done thrown him  into , a magic  sewer,  gate opens at the time of Halloween And came to the world of witches,  other monsters like mermaids Centaur and vampires, there While lost in a strange world on max finds a new best friend   small young girl named kara goes Together they start seeking adventures and explore  the secrets of kolokoy world  


       max is swedish young boy of short height, with a short  build, light white skin, blue eyes  and brown dark hair.

Clothing max wears a blue sweater as him everyday . It blue sweater with pink Lines" and short blue  pant o a black shoe, and white socks. and  also carries a black backpack.


Max is described as a horizontal character by describing the official series as“fearless and somewhat reckless. Don't mind playing with strangers. "For friends, it is apermanent key to socializing. In the return episode he looked and had friends everywhere and pointed out that he did not hide strange things, and also judged his appearance. He seems to rules. breakermax is stubborn, but very stubborn to his adventure and violates   

name meaning  

 A short form of the Latin Maximilian, from Maximus, meaning "the greatest". Also used as a short form of the English name Maxwell, meaning "stream of Maccus". 

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