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"Run,I have to run..." You find yourself running through a dark forest, your breaths are long and heavy. You hear howls and distant mocking snicker, your legs reach out,but skid to a stop. Your ears fearfully pin upon your neck as you look up to see a large, daunting doberman as his piercing green optics gaze up your body pitifully. A large white toothy snarl of a grin plastered his mouth dauntingly... " Well, well, well. What a pitiful soul, sneaking upon or territory..." His Soft yet snarly voice roared among your ears knowing your not welcome. "What should we do with Ares" you hear a small growl, you quickly yet fearfully search around and see small glowing eyes and large silhouettes in the shadows. "Dispose of it..." Ares snickered and watched in entertainment as the silhouettes stride out for the shadows, muffled snickers and snarls fill your ears. Soon pounds, and pounds of muscle leap onto your diminutive, frail, frame Teeth fill your eyes as well as tears as you squint in pain as your flesh is torn and claws immerse your skin, You yowl,it fades into an echo in your mind. Everything goes black.. This was a victim of The Hounds Of Massacre, to weak to fend for themselves, you are not like this unfortunate soul... Edit

Welcome to The Hounds Of Massacre... Edit

Rules Edit

1. Powerplaying Edit

No nm, nn, nd, powerplayers typically use these in their roleplay. We do not use those actions, if you proceed to do so, there will be consequences. Edit

2. DoubleClanning/DoublePacking Edit

This includes hopping onto other pages and making a joining form while you're with The Hounds Of Massacre. This also means you be in two clans or two packs or one pack and a clan at the same time. You'll be punished depending on the time you spent with both clans/packs... Edit

3. Respect Higher Ranks Edit

The Hounds Of Massacre does not accept members whom disobey/taunt/disrespect their higher ranks or even lower ranks.. Edit

4. No Unnecessary Drama Edit

The Hounds Of Massacre never has had any drama, and we do not want it. The punishment for causing drama will be appointed from the Alpha, or Beta, severity will be chosen on topic. Edit

5. Obey Orders From Superiors Edit

This means you must listen, and if you don't obey orders, you'll be punished. Edit

Punishments Edit

1.Powerplayers Edit

If you're caught powerplaying, or been reported from your fellow pack members and they have proof that you've been powerplaying, you will first receive a warning. If you're caught once again, you'll receive a suspension. Lastly, if you do it for a third time, you will be tormented. Edit

2. DoubleClanners//DoublePacker Edit

If you doubleclan/doublepack, you will be tormented, There may be exeptions,depending on time spent with pack/clan Edit

3. Trainee Disobedience Edit

If a trainee disobeys orders, they will receive a warning at first. Secondly, if they receive another, they will be treated like a Pup. This includes them sleeping in the , and having to change Nursery Bedding and searching the Elders for ticks. Also, their training will be cancelled until the trainee has been told by the Alpha or Beta that the trainee can return to their duties. Edit

4. Subordinate Disobedience Edit

If subordinates disobey, they will receive a warning, just as the trainees. If they receive a second warning, they'll sleep in the trainee's den, and do trainee's chores until further notice, or you're told by the Alpha or Beta you can return to your den, and do your chores. Edit

Dress Code Edit

What Members May Wear Edit

Head: Flower Crowns, Spring Flowers, Skulls Edit

Neck: Leaf Necklace, Spiked Collar Edit

Back: Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Pirate Sword, Jamaaliday Bow Edit

Tail: Nothing. Edit

Legs: Elf Bracelets, Legendary Gloves Edit

What Nonmembers May Wear Edit

Head: Fox Hat Edit

Neck: Jamaaliday Scarf Edit

Back: Non Member Pirate Sword Edit

Tail: Nothing Edit

Legs: Non Member Glove, Freedom Bands Edit

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