The Hero's Of Olympus Is a Legendary team of Geodes, that protected Olympus, and the world, from any living threat, they are also the slayers of The Kindergarteners.

95 B.C-90 B.C:First Mission Edit

The team, first formed in 95 B.C in a small village named Cias in Sparta,Greece,The company of Light first formed when Theseus Diezera and Astropullo Diezera's mother, Mai adopted an orphan named Selene Saphronia (who was 10 at the time).The boys welcomed her into the family,but during her first night there, Selene tried to run away,but the brothers caught her, and she revealed that she has a Brother, named Symeon, and that they were seperated, by the adoption system, and that she plan to come back with him, so they could be together. Astropullo suggest that they tell Mai, but Selene made them swear not to, and after further persuasion, they agreed to help free Symeon, in the morning. They new the mission was going to be dangerous, so they aided the help from a classmate named Euphemia Ieulei (nicknamed Euphie, who was 10) who Astropulo (who was 11 at the time) had a huge crush on, they asked for her help, and she gratefully excepted, and Theseus contacted the help from his best friend,a saytr named Kharis Pulous, and together formed the fledgling group, that they called "The Hero's Of Olympus". Later that night the team broke into the orphanage and rescued an 8 year old Symeon, and after that night the team parted ways. 5 years later the team is brought back together, after three years of war, Cias is conquered and is now under the control of a ruthless king, named Ambrose, the team reunited again after watching the savage execution of Euphie's uncle Alexio, Euphie ran away in terror, Theseus went after her and comforted her (falling in love with her in the process). After returning to the village, Ambrose invited her back to his kingdom, to have "a Little Talk", Theseus thinks it's a trap and advises her not to go, but she says she has to, not by choice, but by selflessness, and not wanting to put anyone else in danger,so (filled with regret) she goes, to Ambrose's castle. Meanwhile,Theseus, and the others seek the aid from Andel, a friendly librarian. He trains them to fight, and to rescue Euphie, from Ambrose's clutches, Selene doesn't understand why Theseus is going through all of this, just to rescue a girl he barely knows, and accuses him of being in love with her,Theseus harshly denies this, and says that he just wants her safe, nothing more. After only 5 hours of training with Andel, the team sets off, breaks into the kingdom, and begins to battle against the kingdoms forces, meanwhile, Euphie is upstairs with Ambrose, and he makes a pass at her, she slaps him, and reveals that the man that he executed was her uncle, he reveals that her uncle was having an affair with his wife Agayfa. Euphie is shocked, and doesn't believe him, and asks him why she brought her to his castle, and he reveals that he was looking for a wife his son Andreas, and says that Euphie would be a perfect match for him, but before she can answer, Andreas arrives, and is instantly drawn to her, the two have a mutual attraction, before Euphie can get the first word out, the team breaks in and Ambrose sends his guards after them, the team defeats the guards and frees Euphie from Ambrose's clutches, but not before sharing a romantic look Andreas. Making Theseus become jealous and disliking Andras. After the mission was over, the team almost disbanded again, but Khairis implies that all work great together, and that they can't let Ambrose win, and that if they all leave then Ambrose will destroy their home, and everything they care about, so they all agree to take down Ambrose, and Astropullo suggest that they use the name "The Hero's Of Olympus" and also reminds the team that they don't have much time because Ambroses' guards are still looking for them, Euphie suggest that they make Theseus the leader, he is hesitant at first, but after he looks deep into Euphie's eyes, and agrees to do it.

90 B.C-89 B.C: Training Edit

After breaking Euphie out of Ambroses clutches, Ambrose sent his forces after the team, so they were all forced to go into hiding, and they all changed there names, appearances. The team continued, to live there normal lives, while plotting to take down Ambrose, and on one preticular day the team stopped to think that they need a trainer, Astropulo suggest that they go back to Andel, and Euphie reveals that, Andel is one of the most powerful warlocks in all of Olympus, and she also points out that, she basically grew up with him, because Alifio, and Andel were friends, Selene ask's Euphie how she knows this. Euphie reveals that Alifio was a warlock, and Andel taught him everything, that he knew. Selene then makes, a rude comment that, Alifio was executed, because he was a warlock. the two start to argue, but Kharis breaks them up. The team then makes their way to the library, where they find Andel comforting, a sobbing woman. She reveals herself to be Agayfa, Alifio's former lover, and she explained, that Abrose, executed Alifio, out of jealousy and spite, and that she pleaded for him not to, but he refused, so she ran away from Cias, not wanting to see the man she loved die, the night before the execution, and that she just returned. Euphie comforts Agayfa, and the team finds Aflio's body, and arranges a secret funeral. The Team, Agayfa, and Andel, all meet on a mountaintop for the funeral. After Agayfa gave a tearful speech, Astropulo comforted a sobbing Euphie, and Theseus easily gets jealous, and says that they can put there mission on hold, much to Selene's dismay, but Euphie objects, and says that she's going to avenge her uncles death, and make Ambrose pay for his crimes. Theseus is intreged by this, spite Selene and Astropulo's jealousy. So for a year, the team began secretly training with Andel, but before the team left the funeral, Agayfa gave Euphie, a strange but powerful necklace, and warned Euphie of it's power, and told her to keep it out of the wrong hands. while training, Andel showed an interest Astropulo, and later found out that he had sorcerer blood, Astropulo was shocked by this, and Andel begins privately training Astropulo, to use his powers, he easily learned how to control them, but his power's were very dangerous, and after he wounded Theseus during training, Astropulo refused to use his powers, ever again but Euphie convinced him only to use them in life-and-death situations. while, still in hiding, Symeon wasn't good at keeping his secret, because he born blind, and he was unable to see whoever he was talking to. So Khairis taught Symeon how to use his other senses, to sense his surroundings, and to "see" who he's facing, and not long afterwards, Symeon developed, a sixth since,(and he also used this sense as a fighting technique). Andel also trained Euphie to use her powers. Euphie already knew many techniques, that she learned from her uncle, and Andel revealed that Alifio only taught Euphie half of what he knew, Euphie is surprised by this, and thought that he told her everything about magic, and Andel says that no one know everything about magic, not even himself. He began teaching Euphie to use her powers for a weapon of good, and while training, she sparked a connection with Theseus, making Selene dislike Euphie even more, Andel later confronts Selene about this, and she admits that during the war, Selene almost kissed Theseus, and she developed feelings for him, And for the next year, the team secretly trained with Andel. Until 89 B.C, When Ambrose, ordered for Andel to be arrested, for being involved with his wife, Andel hid the team in his basement, and Andel was arrested, and the team was left without a trainer.