The American Coven


September of 1762

Created by

Charlie, Alice, Andrew, and Lisa


Paul State Forest, Virginia


American Bald Eagle


Democracy, Business, School


Charlie, Alice, Anthony, Cantina, Jack, Kelly, Andrew, Lisa, Robert, Nasyla, Hilmar, Nelly, Sefan, Belle, Josh, Larissa, Brandon, Belise, Nathan, Celia, Shawn, Stephanie, Edward, Sherrie, George, Alicia


The Golden Coven, The Silver Coven, The British Coven, The Greek Coven, and The African Coven

The American Coven is a fictional coven in the Greylight universe and the large coven in the vampire world.

This coven was founded by Charlie, Alice, Andrew, and Lisa during the British America era,

Charlie met Matthew in the late 1700s after becoming a vampire when he experience his coven the greatest than the Graritians wish he would have join his coven after his transformation and before meeting the Graritians.