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Camp Half-Blood Camp Jupiter Underworld Venice, Italy (birthplace) Washington, D.C. (formerly) Bar Harbor, Maine (formerly) Argo II (formerly)

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Will Solace

ever accepted me was Bianca, and she died! I didn't choose any of this. My father, my feelings..."

Nico Di Angelo is a fourteen-year-old Greek demigod son of Hades and the mortal Maria Di Angelo. He is also the younger brother of Bianca Di Angelo who died for her brother and the half brother of Hazel Levesque. He is known in the Underworld as the "Ghost King" after taking the title from King Minos.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Nico Di Angelo was born sometime in the early 1930's in Venice, Italy before Hades and his brothers took an oath to have no more children. Since Nico was born in Italy and his mother was Italian (the daughter of a diplomat in Washington D.C.), he can speak fluent Italian. He had an older sister named Bianca Di Angelo. Around the age of six, Nico visited Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia. One of his neighbors,Pietro, had been a veteran of Mussolini's African Campaign. In The Blood of Olympus, Nico sees a brief flashback from this time - his mother smiling down at him while they both walked by the Venetian Grand Canal. At some point near the beginning of World War II, Nico and his family left Italy for the United States, where they stayed at a fancy hotel in Washington, D.C. Their mother, Maria, died when Zeus struck the hotel they were staying in with lightning in order to kill the siblings. However, they were protected by Hades as he erected an impenetrable wall of black energy to shield them from Zeus's bolts; Hades was not able to protect their mother in time. Afterwards, a devastated Hades ordered the Fury Alecto to take Nico and Bianca to the Underworld and bathe them in the River Lethe, in order to wipe their memories.

Washington D.C. and the Lotus Hotel Edit

In The Titan's Curse, Bianca recalls that shortly after she and Nico had their memories wiped, they were returned to Washington D.C. and told by a lawyer (Alecto in disguise) that their parents were dead, and had left a bank trust for them. This "lawyer" would come by once in a while to check on both of them. During this time, Nico and Bianca were enrolled in a boarding school. During this time, Bianca familiarized herself with the city's subway system. In The Blood of Olympus, Nico sees a brief flashback from this time - his sister Bianca, laughing as she pulled him across the National Mall. After some time had passed, Hades, hoping that one of his children might one day become the "child of the Eldest Gods" (referred to in the Great Prophecy), decided to place them in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and tasked Alecto with the job. Once again disguised as a lawyer, Alecto had Nico and Bianca leave the boarding school, and took them all the way to the Lotus Hotel, in Las Vegas.

After what the siblings thought was a month in the Lotus Hotel (which was actually approximately 70 years), they were taken out by Alecto, this time disguised as a different lawyer. Alecto drove Nico and Bianca back east, through D.C., and then up into Maine. They were brought to a military school called Westover Hall, paid for by Hades using what Nico and Bianca thought to be a trust fund left to them by their parents. It was later revealed that Nico had been obsessed with pirates even before he started collecting Mythomagic cards. Bianca mentioned that the summer before she left Westover Hall (during the events of The Sea of Monsters), she and Nico visited Washington D.C. once again, and were very surprised to see several subway stations that had not been there before. In The Titan's Curse, Bianca mentions that during their visit, several monsters (disguised as mortals) attempted to attack them in an ally. Nico also mentions seeing a bus driver (most likely a satyr in disguise) with ram's horns, though Bianca had not believed him at the time. In The House of Hades, Nico mentions that Bianca was the only one who always accepted him. This most likely means that Bianca knew about her brother being homosexual.

Personality Edit

Nico is ten years old and enjoys playing with his Mythomagic cards that none of the others truly seem to understand, and, as revealed in The Blood of Olympus he was obsessed with pirates even before that. He is clueless and very inquisitive: he is curious and questioning and likes Percy a lot like a big brother (though it is later revealed in The House of Hades that he has secret romantic feelings for him), and begins annoying Percy with his ceaseless questions, especially when he asks if Annabeth Chase was his girlfriend, which makes Percy consider "stuffing him in a meat flavored sack and throwing him to the wolves." He is excited about finding out that he is a demigod (immediate response: "Cool!"), and compares monsters to Mythomagic creatures. He feels abandoned when his sister Bianca, who practically acts as his parent, becomes a Hunter of Artemis. When she goes on a quest, Nico makes Percy promise to protect her. After her death, he develops a long-lasting grudge toward Percy for letting her die. Once he realizes that he is a son of Hades, he casts away his childhood interests and runs off on his own.

In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico becomes grim and solitary and definitely a more powerful character, saying that "only the dead respect me...and only out of fear." His attitude change may have happened partially because of Bianca's death and partially because of Minos' manipulations. He believes that he will never be accepted by the living and does not belong at Camp Half-Blood in comparison of his father feeling out of place on Olympus. He is also shown to be somewhat vengeful, as he wanted revenge for Bianca's death, something he blamed Percy for. However, Nico forgives Percy after Bianca's ghost tells him that it wasn't his fault that she died. He also accepts the small figurine of Hades that Bianca wanted him to have.

In the same book, he is shown to be very naive and gullible, being able to believe that Minos was actually helping him bring Bianca back from the dead. Nico cares much about his sister and the constant attempts to bring her back show that he would not give up without trying. Nico is shown to be very loyal to the Olympians, as he could have easily joined Kronos and the Titans, but chose to fight on the Olympians' side.

In The Last Olympian, he is quite sincere in wanting to help Percy with the prophecy and the war. However, Nico can be somewhat untrustworthy at times. This is shown when he tricked Percy into coming to the Underworld so he could gain answers about his mother, but Nico wasn't planning on Percy becoming imprisoned. By standing up to both Kronos and Hades, he is shown to be that he is very brave and bold. In fact, the only time Nico himself is ever shown to be terrified, is in The House of Hades, when he was forced to face Cupid, implying that Nico's greatest fear is exposing his homosexuality. He likes being on his own, not really wanting help from anyone. He keeps to himself a lot and is pretty secretive, which causes plenty of problems throughout the series. Nico wants to help Percy, and was very miserable at the thought that Percy did not trust him after his dad tricked him as well, by the end they were back to a brotherly relationship.

While he tries hard not to show it, Nico is plagued by incredible internal pain, mainly due to him being unable to come to terms with not "belonging" in the twenty-first century (due to the time he spent in the Lotus Casino), not being accepted by other demigods as a son of Hades, and, worst of all, his homosexuality. At some point during his horrifying journey through Tartarus, Nico encounters the goddess of misery Akhlys, who was impressed at how much sorrow and pain the son of Hades carried, claiming that there was little more that she could do to him. When Reyna shares her strength with Nico in The Blood of Olympus, she is horrified at how much pain and raw anguish she felt inside the son of Hades, even a portion of it being greater than what she had felt from even her entire legion during the battle against the giant Polybotes. However, by the end of the book, Nico finally finds the courage to come out to Percy and Annabeth about the strong crush that he once had on the son of Poseidon, but admits to being over it, and is truly happy for Percy and Annabeth. Hence, Nico is finally willing to become more sociable and more open about himself to others. Nico, apparently, also has tremendous strength of will, since he was able to survive in Tartarus on his own, while seeing the place in all of its ineffable horror for the entire time he spent there. Percy, who found even a few moments of seeing it maddening, marveled how Nico had managed to survive with his sanity.

Nico is later proven wrong in the belief he will not be accepted by the living. After the war with Kronos is over, all the campers of Camp Half-Blood welcome Nico cheerfully: as Percy puts it, "Hey, show up with an army of undead warriors to save the day, and suddenly you're everyone's best friend." This helps lift Hades's curse from the Oracle. Sadly, however, Nico's popularity only lasted a few weeks, after which most campers did whatever they could to avoid the son of Hades and forgot he was at camp. However, after Gaia is defeated, when Reyna tells the two camps about Nico's part in saving both of them, and gives him a big hug, the crowd of demigods roared with approval, indicating that both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have finally come to truly accept the son of Hades.

In spite of Nico pretending not to know Percy in The Son of Neptune, he spoke very highly of him to Hazel, telling her that he is dangerous to his enemies and a valuable ally to his friends. Nico's relationship with Percy also shows how much he's grown and matured throughout the series. Nico is very caring to Hazel Levesque, his half sister, and tries to help her as much as he can. His helping her sort of parallels with how Percy helped him in several cases. This shows that he loves his family, even his half-siblings. Unfortunately, after returning from Tartarus in The Mark of Athena, Nico is very different. He turns more inward and withdrawn, with his eyes becoming somewhat glassy like something in him broke permanently. Percy compares him to pictures of prisoners of war, which he notes Nico kind of was. Hazels states in The House of Hades that Nico has become more reclusive and morose, preferring to stay on top of the ship's mast, in solitude. Nico becomes much more easily angered, defensive and takes to making creepy and humorless smiles. Nico, however, has happily smiled on two occasions: in The Last Olympian, right after he helps Hades defeat Kronos' army and gains his father's respect, and in The House of Hades, after he and Frank defeat Gaea's monsters at the Necromanteion. In The Blood of Olympus, Nico notes that his facial muscles hurt when he smiles, since he isn't used to making that expression often. Even though Nico seems to dislike being touched, he is shown to be very affectionate towards Hazel, having kissed her on the cheek several times. However, by the end of The Blood of Olympus, Nico begins to change, and doesn't seem to mind when Jason and Reyna embrace him.

Nico can be extremely dangerous as he is a son of the Big Three. He is very unpredictable, and due to his sister's death can be somewhat mentally unstable as demonstrated in The Battle of the Labyrinth. He has a short temper, just like Percy and Thalia. When Jason causes him to lose his temper in The House of Hades, Nico's fury was so intense, that it even scared Jason, who felt that a furious Nico was "more than he could handle." However, the greatest and most volcanic demonstration of Nico's fury happened in The Blood of Olympus, when he faced the psychopathic Bryce Lawrence. A furious Nico, in one horrible cry, unleashes a "flood of pain and anger" on Bryce, Reyna, and Coach Hedge, with the temperature around Nico dropping to freezing (turning the ground around him white with frost), Bryce's zombies instantly disintegrating, and a terrified Bryce himself turned into a mindless ghost.

Fatal Flaw Edit

"Holding grudges has always been the fatal flaw of children of Hades."–Bianca to Nico.

Nico Di Angelo's fatal flaw is holding grudges, as Bianca's ghost tells him. In his case, it can lead to not wanting help or not asking to be saved in deadly situations because he doesn't like someone. Examples are his not wanting to be helped by Percy, even when Geryon was going to sell him to the Titans and not wanting to go back in the Labyrinth with them. Bianca shares this with him, as she also had the same fatal flaw in life, although this didn't lead to her death. Bianca also says that holding grudges is the fatal flaw of Hades' demigod children. In the fifth book, Nico tells his father, Hades, that he is holding a grudge that could end up killing the Olympians and the campers. Ever since The Last Olympian, Nico hasn't demonstrated this flaw any more, implying that he has learned from his previous experiences, and tends to avoid holding grudges. However, this flaw resurfaces slightly in The House of Hades, when Nico coerced by Cupid, admits to Jason that he had feelings for Percy, and yet still clearly bears some resentment toward Annabeth, and an unwillingness to accept that he will most likely not end up with Percy, despite the fact that he claims to Jason that he has, "…moved on." However, by the end of The Blood of Olympus, Nico is truly ready to move on, since he finally comes out to Percy and Annabeth about the strong crush that he used to have on the son of Poseidon, but admits that he has come to realize that Percy is not his type, and that he is truly happy for Percy and Annabeth. Nico now has a crush on Will Solace instead, who seems to reciprocate his feelings.

Appearance Edit

Nico is said to have black hair that always looks like he just got out of bed (messy and shaggy), olive skin. By The Battle of the Labyrinth, his skin has paled to white, and he takes to wearing black clothing with skeletal designs, a Stygian Iron sword and a silver skull ring (by the end of the book). By the time he meets Hazel Levesque, she describes his fingers as ghostly white, like their father's. It was stated by Percy that Nico has his mother's eyes, but it has also been said that he has the wild glint of a madman too, just like his father. According to Percy, Nico's hands are "as cold as ice." 

Abilities and Tools Edit

General Abilities Edit

  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Nico possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Dyslexia: Nico's brain is "hard-wired" for divine Ancient Greek instead of modern languages.
  • Fighting skills: Initially, Nico shows more skill with his powers than his fighting skills. However, this might have been due to his lack of formal combat training at camp. In The Demigod Files, he did show decent combat skills when he was able to keep up with Percy and Thalia when they fought a group of Keres. Not only did Nico emerge unscathed from the battle, but he easily defeated the Keres he fought. Later, he even fought the Titan Iapetus alongside Percy and Thalia (but he was quickly incapacitated). In The Last Olympian, Nico fights in the Battle of Manhattan, and emerges unscathed, implying excellent fighting skills, which impress even the Ares demigods. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel mentions being impressed the first time she saw him fight, suggesting that he honed his skills between the two series, possibly during his stays at either Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter. Nico was even able to fight Gaea's army in Tartarus itself, though he was eventually overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. In the House of Hades, Nico fights the army with only one hand, and then emerges unscathed after the battle is won, implying excellent swordsmanship. During that battle, Nico single-handedly overwhelmed an entire group of mighty Earthborn, slashing them into mounds of wet clay with his sword. In The Blood of Olympus, though somewhat weakened from shadow-travelling, Nico is still able to single-handedly quickly overcome 6 Roman legionnaires (while protecting Will Solace), and it should be noted that Nico was not even fighting to kill, only to knock them out. He later makes short work of Octavian's elite guard (6 huge dog-headed cynocephali). In the final battle with Gaea's troops at Camp Half-Blood, Nico fights at the front lines, managing to defeat numerous other monsters before being forced to leave (in order to confront Octavian at one of the onagers).
  • Mythomagic: Nico's knowledge of the game is superb, as he had the rare Africanus Extreme expansion deck, and remembers each figure, as well as the number of attack and defense moves of each. Thus, he was able to identify Dionysus, a Manticore and even a Katoblepone.   
  • Ancient Greek: In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico demonstrates his ability to summon the dead by chanting in Ancient Greek.
  • Italian: In The House of Hades, Nico shows that he can speak fluent Italian, as he is Italian by birth. As shown in The Blood of Olympus, Nico's knowledge of Italian helps him somewhat understand some other Romance languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Will Power: Nico, apparently, has tremendous strength of will, since he was able to survive in Tartarus on his own, while seeing the place in all of its ineffable horror for the entire time he spent there. Percy, who found even a few moments of seeing it maddening wondered how Nico had managed to survive with his sanity.
  • Endurance: Nico was able to endure both physical and mental pain, much to Reyna's amazement and respect.

Demigod Abilities Edit

As a son of Hades, Nico is an extremely powerful demigod. He is considerably more trained in using his powers than most children of the Big Three, such as Thalia and Percy, due to his time spent in the Underworld and he states that he trains with the dead. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel stated Nico was the most powerful demigod she'd ever seen (to the point that she compared his power to that of a nuclear bomb), an impressive admiration given that she knew Jason Grace and dozens of other demigods (though meeting Percy caused her to question this judgment). In The Blood of Olympus, Reyna mentions that after being healed from his injuries by Hedge and resting for several days, Nico becomes significantly more powerful than ever before. Hazel once stated that she and Nico each controls an aspect of Hades/Pluto's powers: death (for Nico) and riches (for Hazel).

  • Geokinesis: He can control the earth - levitating rocks and making them deadly, black, and extremely sharp. Nico can open fissures in the earth that can swallow up creatures and trap them in the Underworld. He can cause earth tremors so powerful, they can shatter the pillars of a mountain fortress. He can also control the black walls of the Underworld. His geokinetic abilities are only surpassed by his half-sister, Hazel Levesque and his father, Hades.
  • Necromancy: as a son of Hades Nico has divine authority and control over the dead, as well as many monsters native to Hades' realm, such as the Furies.
    • Power Over the Undead: Nico can reanimate skeletons, summon Skeleton Warriors, put them to sleep, and destroy them. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico was able to permanently banish Minos to the Underworld. In The Last Olympian, he was able to summon a large army of undead soldiers all by himself. It is unknown how much he has increased in power since then. This is an extremely powerful ability as it literately allows him to have an army anytime he wants. However, summoning too many undead warriors at one time can cause him fatigue. As shown in The Blood of Olympus, when he is angered enough, Nico can destroy even undead warriors that aren't under his control, which he does with Bryce Lawrence's zombie troops. Whenever he needs a personal chauffeur, Nico summons Jules-Albert, a loyal French zombie.
    • Summoning Deceased Souls: as shown in The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico can summon souls of the deceased by digging a pit, filling it with food (though animal blood can also be used), and chanting in Ancient Greek.
    • Releasing Souls: as shown in The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico can release the souls of people that should have died but had somehow managed to cheat death, such as Daedalus.
    • Telepathy With The Dead: In The House of Hades, Nico warns the Lemures of Venice (angry spirits) to stay away from him, Hazel and Frank by giving off a warning vibe.
    • Sensitivity to Death: Nico can sense death as it happens or when it is coming; when a person close to him dies, it comes as a ringing in the ears. In addition to that, he has a deep knowledge of the Underworld and knows when a person's life is being judged in the Underworld. Nico can also sense when an immortal is fading, as in the case of Pan in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
    • Life Aura: Nico can sense someone's life aura (he sensed it when Rachel Elizabeth Dare's life aura flickered in The Last Olympian, and he told her, "I could see you dying.")
    • Power Over Ghosts: as the Ghost King, Nico can physically manipulate ghosts, such as taking hold of them by hand or forcing them to be silent with a gesture.
    • Ghost Transformation: As seen in The Blood of Olympus, Nico can kill mortals, demigods and legacies by turning them into ghosts, and forcing them into the Underworld for eternity. Nico has only ever done this to Bryce Lawrence.
  • Osteokinesis: As seen in The Blood of Olympus, Nico is able summon and telekinetically to control bones. Prior to his fight with Lycaon in Évoria he could only summon a few bones and skulls. But during his encounter with the wolf king he was able to summon hundreds of bones, enough to trap Lycaon and his wolves for a few minutes.
  • Death Trance: In The Mark of Athena, when he is sealed in the Bronze Jar, Nico shows that he can go into a hibernation called a Death Trance using the seeds of Persephone, which can only be eaten by a child of Hades. The Death Trance induces him to essentially die for a day, meaning he consumes no oxygen and doesn't need any kind of food (besides the seeds).
  • Umbrakinesis: Nico has control over darkness and shadows for various uses such as solidifying it for attacks and to hide in it.
    • Shadow Travel: Nico can use shadows as a way of transportation; however, great distances tend to wear him out. The first time he shadow traveled, he passed out for a week. He has said that while learning to use it, he ran into walls and made accidental trips to China. He seems to have gotten better control over it because in The House of Hades, he implied he could use shadow travel to send the Argo II across a mountain range, but was too weak because of his time in Tartarus. When he recovers his strength by the end of the The House of Hades, he decides to transport the Athena Parthenos across the ocean by shadow-traveling about three hundred miles at a time. However, as revealed in The Blood of Olympus, overexertion of shadow travel can cause the user's molecular structure to begin to fall apart, gradually turning them into shadows and lose themselves. Due to Nico pushing himself to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood, he began to lose himself, even entering a "shadow coma".
    • Shadow Absorption and Dissipation: as shown during his fight with Clytius in The House of Hades, Nico can also dissipate and absorb shadows with his sword, since he kept the Giant's dark aura from affecting his friends.  
  • Cryokinesis (limited): as seen in The Blood of Olympus, when Nico is infuriated, he generates an aura of intense cold, making the temperature around him drop to freezing, with the ground around him and the massive cairn turning white with frost.
  • Hypnokinesis: as seen in The Blood of Olympus, Nico can navigate through "the dark dreamscape" of dreams better than most other demigods (and is only somewhat surpassed by demigod children of Hypnos, like Clovis), since he claims that dreams and death are "old friends of his." Hence, Nico has a higher degree on control over his dreams, the ability to astral project his consciousness, find and enter the dreams of other demigods. Reyna notes that Nico can have an extremely heavy sleep at times, to the point that he won't even budge if Coach Hedge does a goat-hoof tap dance around Nico's head. Later in the book, Nico puts several demigods to sleep by sending deep dreams their way.
  • Induced Fear: Nico radiates intense fear and death like his father, Hades, but to a much lesser degree. In The Last Olympian, this aura was so strong that Kronos's monsters initially backed away from him. In The House of Hades, he is shown to radiate death from nervousness, as when Cupid intimidates him, "the grass turned brown and wilted" at his feet, as if "poison were seeping from the soles of his shoes."

Magical Items Edit

  • A Stygian iron sword. It is three feet long, and in The Last Olympian is described as being "black as a nightmare." It helps Nico to channel his power to control and summon the dead, and it can also drain souls to give the sword more power. Only Hades, his children and Clytius can use Stygian Iron for their weapons.
  • He is seen wearing black armor in The Last Olympian with a skull shaped visor.
  • A skull ring shown in The Battle of the LabyrinthThe Last Olympian, and The Son of Neptune. Twisting it makes the nearest dead restless. He usually uses it to relieve tension.
  • Mythomagic figurines and cards. He throws them into a fire in anger during The Battle of the Labyrinth.
  • In The Battle of the Labyrinth, he had a pair of Daedalus' wings, but after he used them, he threw it away in a trash can.
  • A red travel rose that he didn't use, given to him by Persephone, in The Sword of Hades.
  • Pomegranate Seeds-magical seeds from the Underworld. If he places them on his tongue, he can go into a death like trance that allows him to use less air and energy, in the event he is captured. This allows him to go into what is called a "Death Trance," which he uses to sustain himself during The Mark of Athena.
  • Diocletian's Scepter: Nico obtained the scepter after he confessed his feelings for Percy, the scepter allows him to summon zombie legionnaires to his aid- he can not control them however, as his is not a roman demigod or a roman officer. He summoned zombies at the Necromanteion and Pompeii to fend off Gaea's forces. It exploded after he summoned zombie to fight the souls of Pompeii.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

"But it's cool. We're cool. I mean, I see now . . . you're cute, but you're not my type."–Nico di Angelo to Percy Jackson

Young Nico had the ability to annoy Percy quite easily, as seen in The Titan's Curse when he asked Percy several questions about his relationship with Annabeth. Nico developed a secret but very strong crush on Percy, as he was "Nico’s favorite game, Mythomagic, brought to life." Near the end of the book however, Nico begins to blame Percy for his sister's death, making him much more cynical, but still doesn't let the Skeleton Warriors harm him, and "leaves Camp Half-Blood because of love". Nico later claims that realizing his crush would plague him with self-hatred and resentment for Percy. Percy, true to character, feels partially at fault and responsible for Nico leaving.

In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy receives Iris Messages from Bianca regarding Nico. The two later meet at Geryon's ranch, where Percy makes a bet with Geryon. Nico is included, which angers him, as he shouts that he doesn't want any favors from Percy. After Percy defeats Geryon, he and Nico talk to Bianca, who tells Nico to stop holding a grudge against Percy when it is she he is angry with. By the end of the book, Nico has forgiven Percy. In the last chapter, he appears and informs Percy of a plan he has.

In The Last Olympian, Nico leads Percy to his father's palace in order to gain information on his mother, not knowing that Hades plans to lock Percy up. Percy feels betrayed, even when Nico eventually tries to help him. After Percy bathes in the Styx, he tells Nico to stay and convince Hades to join the Olympians in battle. Nico appears glum, stating that Percy can't trust him anymore. The two join to battle in final battle and Percy forgives Nico. It is later revealed that when Nico planned to get Percy to bathe in the River Styx, he had hoped that this would make Percy fall in love with him.

After Percy has lost his memory in The Son of Neptune, Nico pretends to not know him, and it's later revealed in The Mark of Athena that Hades had told him the time was not right for Percy to know. Once Percy regains his memory, he feels the urge to strangle Nico for not telling him.

In The Mark of Athena, in Percy's narration, it is mentioned that Percy had wanted to strangle Nico about what he did, but doesn't, due to how Nico is after being kidnapped. Nico states (after Annabeth and Percy's fall) that Percy is the most powerful demigod that he knows. During Nico's kidnapping, Percy doesn't give up on finding him, showing that he cares a lot about him. After Nico is rescued Percy can tell that Nico may or may not have seen something in Tartarus that shattered him permanently, which shows that they know each other well, despite their previous situations.

In The House of Hades, Nico's true feelings towards Percy are finally revealed when he is forced to admit that his feelings for Percy run deeper than friendship, as he had a crush on Percy. Jason is with him at the time and keeps the secret for him. Percy knows nothing of these feelings and does not return them, though he does care for him like a brother and while in Tartarus realizes Nico is another friend he hasn't treated very well. At some point, Nico had visited Iapetus in the Underworld, and told him that Percy was a friend. It is more than likely that Nico assisted Percy multiple times in the past due to the crush he had on him. For instance, it is later revealed that when Nico planned to get Percy to bathe in the River Styx, he had hoped that this would make Percy fall in love with him.

Although Nico states in The House of Hades that he gave up on Percy, there are several parts in the book that imply otherwise. Favionus calls Percy, though not by name, "the one [Nico] cares for most," and Hazel notices that Nico has a pained look in his eyes at seeing Percy and Annabeth hold hands. However, because she doesn't know of Nico's crush on Percy, Hazel believes that the pain is from Nico having gone through Tartarus alone. 

When Nico and Hazel Shadow Travel the group out of the Necromanteion, Nico realized that he was holding Percy's hand after everybody else let go, and quickly lets go. Later on, when Nico goes to transport himself, Reyna, and the Athena Parthenos, Percy comes to thank him for keeping his promise and tries to pick up their tattered friendship, Nico, afraid of his feelings, asks Percy to give him space and leave him alone, much to Percy's confusion and hurt.

In The Blood of Olympus, Nico sees Percy and Annabeth together, laughing. He approaches the couple and tells Percy that he previously had a crush on him, but that he's over him. He states that he's happy for the two and Percy seemed to be fumbling for his words. He continues and announces, that they're cool. He calls Percy cute but says that Percy is not his type. Once the confrontation was over he received a high-five from Annabeth.

Will Solace Edit

Will turned to me, ‘I apologise for my boyfriend.”

Nico rolled his eyes, ‘Could you not—’

‘Would you prefer Special Guy,’ Will asked, ‘or significant other?’

‘Significant annoyance in your case.’ Nico grumbled

-Trials of Apollo, The Hidden Oracle

It's hinted that Nico has developed an attraction to Will Solace as they fought alongside. In the aftermath of the battle, Will ordered Nico to stay with him in infirmary for three days, and Nico "felt like a hundred skeletal butterflies were resurrecting in his stomach". When Will grabbed hold of Nico’s hand in the Blood of Olympus, because Mellie was having a baby, Nico felt “Electricity rushing down his spine, and immediately let go” Will also seems to reciprocate said feelings, or at the very least is willing to be closer friends with the son of Hades. In the Hidden Oracle, Nico and Will are shown together, as more than friends. Apollo even said that they looked “so cute together.” They would be normally found tending to the wounded, or shoulder to shoulder, holding hands. Even though they constantly tease each other, Nico is Will’s “Sunshine” and Will is Nico’s “Significant Annoyance”, and they are known as Solangelo, or less commonly Wilico. Will and Nico are currently dating, and are the first LGBTQ+ demigods so far.

Friendships Edit

Annabeth Chase Edit

While their friendship is not mentioned extensively, Nico respects Annabeth and is at times shown to listen to her more than Percy, possibly to annoy him. However in The Battle of the Labyrinth, his view of her improved to the point of friendship, as he chose to save not only Percy, but Annabeth as well when he named himself the Ghost King. 

In The Mark of Athena, it is revealed that Annabeth has always had mixed feelings about Nico di Angelo, and suspects that he had a crush on her. However, Annabeth herself has no feelings for him beyond kinship, since he is too young, too moody, and has a certain darkness in him that makes Annabeth uneasy. Furthermore, she has always found it hard to "read" Nico and his actions. However, Annabeth still admits to feeling responsible for him, and can relate to feeling like Nico did after Bianca's death—a homeless orphan, drifting through the world alone.

In The House of Hades, is is revealed that Nico was actually jealous of Annabeth, not in love with her, due to her relationship with Percy (his actual love interest), which is why Nico initially didn't want to be around her. After seeing Annabeth and Percy holding hands, Nico looks pained, showing that his crush on Percy is as strong as ever.

In The Blood of Olympus, it is revealed that after her return from Tartarus, Annabeth went out of her way to thank Nico for being nice to Iapetus (even before Percy did so), and telling the Titan that Percy is worth saving. While Nico is still very jealous of Annabeth, and wants to hate her, he cannot bring himself to, since Annabeth's gratitude was genuine and sincere, and she never overlooked or avoided Nico like most people. Hence, Nico admits to himself that it would have been far easier for him if she were a horrible person. Later in the book, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (even Annabeth) dying made him feel empty—like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. By the end of the book, Nico finally finds the courage to tell Percy and Annabeth about his past crush on Percy. By that point, however, Nico has come to realize that Percy is not his type, and that he is happy for Percy and Annabeth. While Annabeth is certainly shocked at such a revelation from Nico, she smiles at the son of Hades and high-fives him. 

Leo Valdez Edit

Before meeting him in The Mark of Athena, Leo voices his doubts about Nico's loyalties, infuriating Hazel. Later on, after meeting him, Leo considers Nico creepy, unlike Hazel. They have not gotten to know each other yet, but seem to be on good terms so far, as when Leo is overwhelmed with guilt about not saving Percy and Annabeth, Nico comforts him and assures him that they are alive.

In The House of Hades, Nico seems annoyed with Leo's frustration about constantly rebuilding the masts, saying that they don't grow on trees. Nico corrects him by calmly pointing out that they are made from trees. Leo is very much intimidated by the son of Hades, and never dares to tease him to his face. Nico, being far more serious, is frequently annoyed by Leo's sense of humor. After Leo returns from Calypso's island, Nico is glad to see him, and shakes his hand.

In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (including Leo) dying made him feel empty—like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. Nico is quite saddened by Leo's death, does his best to comfort Hazel about it, and prays to his father for guidance.

Frank Zhang Edit

While Nico is kind of mysterious and makes everybody else nervous, Frank doesn't feel the same way and may trust him because of Hazel, as he does not doubt Nico's loyalties in The Mark of Athena, unlike Jason and Leo. Nico, on his part, finds Frank amusing, as stated in The Son of Neptune.

In The House of Hades, it is revealed that Frank had always feared Nico, and wasn't sure what scared him more: hordes of restless ghosts or going somewhere alone with Nico. However, after Hazel gets poisoned, Frank is furious with him for not being able to prevent it. Nonetheless, when Triptolemus turns Nico into a maize, Frank does his best to save him as well as Hazel, and even slams Triptolemus into a wall for not transforming Nico back. When they reach the Necromanteion, Nico and Frank work well as a team to control an army of undead warriors and defeat Gaea's minions. After they succeed, Nico smiles at him, much to Frank's surprise. They have both played Mythomagic before, though Nico's knowledge of the game is superior, as he had the Africanus Extreme expansion deck. Another thing they have in common is their love for Hazel.

In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (including Frank) dying made him feel empty—like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. Near the end of the book, Nico approves of Frank's relationship with Hazel, and promises to visit them often at Camp Jupiter.

Jason Grace Edit

"Easy for you to say. You're everybody's golden boy, the son of Jupiter."–Nico Di Angelo 

Jason had meet Nico at Camp Jupiter at once point. Before rescuing him in The Mark of Athena, Jason voices his doubts on Nico's loyalties, infuriating Hazel.

In The House of Hades, Jason is the only one who finds out about Nico's crush on Percy and agrees to keep it a secret. His behavior towards Nico also changes after this revelation, and he acknowledges Nico's courage and later defends Nico when Leo calls him creepy. However, when Nico gets infuriated with Jason for telling him to come out, he admits to having seen many angry demigods, but "an angry son of Hades seemed more than he could handle." However, when they reach the Necromanteion, the first person Nico gives the chalice to is Jason, asking him to trust him and take a risk, which implies that he has forgiven Jason and is finally considering to take the risk of coming out. Their rocky relationship corresponds to the one between Zeus and Hades.

In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (including Jason) dying made him feel empty - like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. In fact, Nico's primary concern (after his sister Hazel) was for Jason. After Nico finally decides to stay at Camp Half-Blood, Jason is so excited to hear it, that he gives the son of Hades a bear hug, which Nico returns.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano Edit

"You're the most courageous demigod I've ever meet, Reyna. I—I won't let you down"–Nico to Reyna.

Through their relationship is not directly shown in The Son of Neptune, it can be concluded the they are on good terms. They have obviously interacted before, with their first encounter being when Nico asks her to accept his sister, Hazel, into the legion. Back in Camp Jupiter, Nico was a Senator and the Ambassador of Pluto, and therefore possibly involved in the camp's political life along with her. At the end of The House of Hades, Reyna is willing to travel with Nico under very dangerous circumstances, showing that she at least does not doubt the son of Hades' loyalty. In The Blood of Olympus, the two grow close over the course of their journey. Reyna lends Nico strength to shadow-travel, and, as a result, she learns quite a bit about his tremendous internal pain and his past. The two open up to one another, as Reyna describes how she killed her father in Puerto Rico, and Nico how he suffered through Tartarus, and the feeling of not belonging at either camp. Reyna is also the first person that Nico tells about Jules-Albert, his French zombie chauffeur.

Reyna later witnesses him kill Bryce Lawrence and seems horrified at the ferocious display of Nico's infernal powers. At that moment, Nico accidentally generates a "flood of pain and anger" on everyone present, allowing Reyna to finally experience his hardships and see his greatest fears and secrets (including his feelings for Percy). She helps care to his wounds while he recovers, and still accepts Nico as a friend, much to his surprise and relief. Reyna appears to be in awe of Nico's powers, especially after learning that he also possesses hypnokinetic abilities. Nico, in turn, respects Reyna quite a bit, and by the end of their journey to Camp Half-Blood, he even calls her the most courageous demigod he'd ever meet.

After Gaea's defeat, Reyna tells the two camps about Nico's part in saving the camps, brings him out of the shadows, gives him a big hug, and he tearfully returns it, burying his face in Reyna's shoulder. The crowd of demigods roared with approval in response, indicating that both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have finally come to truly accept the son of Hades. Shortly before leaving Camp Half-Blood, Reyna promises Nico that he will always have a place in New Rome, and he promises to visit. One thing both of them have in common is their unrequited feelings for Percy in the past, but have both managed to move on since then.

Piper McLean Edit

Nico and Piper first meet in The Mark of Athena, after he is rescued. Though no formal interaction is seen between them yet, Nico is definitely thankful to Piper for personally dragging him to safety after he falls out of the Bronze Jar. Like her friends, Piper is very much intimidated by the son of Hades. In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (including Piper) dying made him feel empty—like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar.

Thalia Grace Edit

In The Sword of Hades,Thalia only seems to know him as Bianca's little brother and calls him that. Nico doesn't like being called that, but he seems to be on good terms with her, even though he generally dislikes the Hunters of Artemis. Nico and Thalia have worked well together as a team when they fought the Titan Iapetus with Percy. 

Family: Edit

Hazel Levesque Edit

"You’re my sister too. You deserve another chance. Come with me"–Nico to Hazel

Nico is shown to be very caring to Hazel Levesque, his half-sister, and tries to help her as much as he can. Nico occasionally mistakes her for Bianca, which often reminds Hazel that she isn't the one he was looking for when he entered the Fields of Asphodel. Despite this, the two care deeply for each other, and refer to each other as "brother" and "sister". Nico is one of the few people who know about Hazel's past and was the one who helped her during her blackouts, which shows that he loves his family, even his half-siblings.

The two represent the Greek and Roman form of Hades and Pluto respectively, as in Greece, Hades was known for death and in Rome, Pluto was known for his wealth. Hazel remarks that before she met Percy, Nico was the strongest demigod she had met even though the Romans thought he was harmless. Near the end of the book, Gaea informs Hazel that she has taken Nico and that he should not have gone looking for the Doors of Death. 

In The Mark of Athena, when Jason and Leo express doubts about Nico's loyalty, she gets incredibly furious. She was also determined to go to Rome to save Nico despite knowing it could be a trap. After Nico is saved and she sees his broken state, Hazel tries her best to comfort him.

In The House of Hades, when Hazel is dying of poison, Nico goes as far as threaten a minor god to heal her, which results in him being turned into a plant. Later, he kisses Hazel on the cheek as if saying goodbye, to the surprise of Piper. After rescuing Hazel from a giant at the Doors of Death, Nico comes over and kisses her forehead and claims that Hazel 'would have made Dad proud', this sentimental compliment may have reminded Nico of his sister Bianca, who Hades initially considered better than him in every way.  Hazel cups her hand around his face and smiles at him, showing they have a very close relationship. She thinks herself very lucky to have a brother like Nico. Still, even she knows nothing about Nico's love for Percy. In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, Nico's primary concern is for Hazel. At the end of the book, before Hazel and Frank depart for Camp Jupiter, Nico promises to visit them often.

Bianca Di Angelo Edit

"I love Nico—don't get me wrong—I just needed to find out what it would be like not to be a big sister twenty-four hours a day."–Bianca about Nico

Nico and Bianca shared a very close relationship. As their mother died when they were young, Bianca assumes an almost motherly role, bearing the responsibility that a parent would normally bear, shown when Nico stated Bianca is strict on the movies she lets him watch before he watched the Orientation Film. This is one of the reasons why Bianca joined the Hunters of Artemis. In The Titan's Curse, Bianca tells Percy that she wanted to know what it would be like to "not be a big sister for one day." Nico felt betrayed when this happened and managed to convince Percy to follow her and keep her safe for him. When Percy failed to do so, Nico was angered and claimed that he could feel her soul being judged, causing Percy to realize he is a son of Hades. 

In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico is shown to be attempting to bring Bianca back to life through the exchange of a soul for another soul. In search for this soul, Nico meets Percy at Geryon's ranch. Percy tells him that Bianca has been sending him Iris Messages, which angers Nico, as she refuses to see him. Later, Bianca appears. She tells Nico to stop holding a grudge against Percy and it is she that Nico is angry at, not Percy. Later in the book, Nico is seen talking to Bianca again.

She appears once in The Last Olympian, attempting to dissuade Nico from summoning their mother. Her warning goes unheeded.

In The Son of Neptune, it is mentioned that Nico goes searching for Bianca when Thanatos is kidnapped but finds that she has been given rebirth. Instead, he finds Hazel and brings her back to life.

In The House of Hades, when Jason discusses his revelation to Cupid, Nico angrily tells him that Bianca was the only one who accepted him. Whether this is referring to the fact that he feels like an outcast because he's a son of Hades or whether Bianca knew that Nico was homosexual is unclear.

Maria Di Angelo Edit

"Nico and Bianca need their mother . . ."–Maria Di Angelo about her children

Nico has no memories of his mother, which is why he is so eager to discover more information from Hades, who uses this to his advantage at times. He attempts to summon her, despite Bianca warning him that he should not.

In his attempt to summon his mother, he is presented a memory which discusses the terms of the agreement after World War II and how Hades defied it. Nico watches as Hades and Maria discuss how Hades can bring her to safety, though his offer of building her a palace is declined. He then sees Zeus destroy a hotel in an attempt to get rid of him and Bianca.

Hades Edit

"My son, whatever happens, you have earned my respect. You brought honor to our house."–Hades to Nico

Nico and his father share a complicated relationship. They are both extremely similar, especially in their ability to hold grudges. Both of them are also somewhat cynical. However, Nico seems to have a stronger tie to his friends, while Hades seems to have a much darker view of his siblings. Nico is also a more genuine person than his father- Hades can be crafty, as seen from how he used Nico to attempt to trap Percy.

Hades occasionally remarks that it would've been better if Bianca survived, much to Nico's dismay, though deep down, he cares a great deal for his son, as his gaze softened "from steel to stone" when he saw him. He also wants to redeem himself in the Olympians' eyes through Nico, believing his son to be the demigod of the First Great Prophecy. Nico also appears to want to please his father, and beams with happiness when he gains Hades' respect after Kronos' defeat. At the same time, Nico is unafraid to challenge his father in order to do what Nico believes is right.

After the Battle of Manhattan, Hades begins trusting Nico with much more information, and even tells him about Camp Jupiter and the Roman demigods, trusting Nico not to share this knowledge with anybody else until the time is right. Hades might have foreseen that Nico was destined to find the Doors of Death and lead the Seven Heroes of Olympus there.  

In The Blood of Olympus, Hades and Nico speak in Évora. Hades tells Nico that "some deaths cannot be prevented" which alluded to Octavian's death. Hades also praises Nico for his past accomplishments, letting him know that he is proud of his son, and that he wants Nico to be happy. Their relationship seems to have improved, since Hades' tone is described as "almost gentle" while he is taking to his son, while Nico (who usually dislikes being touched), feels reassured when his father briefly touches his shoulders. It is later revealed that Hades gave Nico a zombie chauffeur as a birthday present once, since he was trying to be more like normal mortal parents, who normally drive their children to places.

Persephone Edit

Nico and his stepmother Persephone mutually dislike each other, as he is a reminder of Hades' affair with Maria Di Angelo, who Persephone is jealous of. This same dislike appears between Percy and Amphitrite, as well as Thalia and Hera. Persephone appears to take it to another level through turning Nico into a dandelion as stated by him in The Demigod Files when Percy, Thalia, and he ended up in the Underworld together.

In The Mark of Athena, it is revealed that Nico carries around some pomegranate seeds from Persephone's garden in case of an emergency, and so uses them when he is trapped by the twin giants. It is unknown how Persephone feels about Nico using an item from her personal garden, or if she is aware at all.

Others Edit

King Minos Edit

Shortly after Nico initially ran away from Camp Half-Blood, he was found in the Labyrinth by the ghost of King Minos, who intended to manipulate the son of Hades into killing Daedalus in revenge for his unjust, however much deserved, death. In order to gain Nico's trust, Minos leads him through the maze of the Labyrinth, saved him multiple times, and taught him how to utilize his infernal demigod powers. It is most likely that Minos was also the one to teach Nico to shadow travel. In the end, however, Nico realized Minos' malevolent goals, and banished him back to the Underworld, stripping him of his Ghost King title, and taking it for himself. Years later, in The Blood of Olympus, Nico has several flashback of Minos in his dreams. It is also revealed that Nico's experience with Minos made him realize that most specters held only as much power as one allows them to. Hence, the son of Hades has learned to shield himself from specters' influence, and can even turn the tables now, bending them to his will.

Octavian Edit

"Some dogs need to be put down, like you!"–Nico to Octavian

To everyone at Camp Jupiter, Nico is just a traveling outcast, and they consider him as harmless as a Faun, though Hazel knows better. However, Reyna and Octavian grow suspicious when Nico seems to know about Alcyoneus in the meeting. Camp Jupiter proclaims him as the Ambassador for Pluto.   

Iapetus/Bob Edit

After the Titan lost his memory, Nico would visit him at his father's palace. He would convince Bob that Percy was a good person, which would eventually lead to the Titan helping Percy and Annabeth reach the Doors of Death from inside Tartarus.

Hunters of Artemis Edit

Nico does not care for Artemis's immortal handmaidens, since his sister died shortly after joining. He feels that the girls who do join should be more aware of what they are getting themselves into. When he awoke in San Juan and saw the note they left, he tore it up in a fit of rage. Despite fighting alongside Thalia before, he still has mixed feelings for her, mainly because she is the lieutenant of Artemis, and continued recruiting after Bianca died.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Nico is the diminutive form of Nicolò or Nicola, the Italian form of the Greek Nikolaos (Nicholas), meaning "victory of the people." It is most likely intended to evoke the prefix necro-, meaning dead. His surname is Italian for "of the angels" alluding to his role as the Lord of the Dead's son.
  • Nico is also a form of Nike, goddess of victory.
  • His surname, "Di Angelo," means "the angel," in Italian.
  • The full meaning of his name is 'the Angel of the Dead'.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The line "With great power . . . comes great need to take a nap." is an obvious reference to one of Spider-Man's most famous lines: "With great power, comes great responsibility", albeit a bit altered for comedic effect and to indicate that Nico's powers tire him greatly, prompting him to take naps every now and again to regain his strength, as he did at that moment in The Last Olympian.
  • Nico's physical description (pale olive skin, dark hair, brown eyes, black clothes, and an aura of death) also fits Rick Riordan's description of Anubis, the Egyptian god of funerals, in The Kane Chronicles trilogy.
  • The first time he met Mr. D, he called him "The wine dude", which irritated the god, but he forgot about it soon after.
  • Nico has been shown to be a solitary type of person, but he has a certain way of communicating with people. He was the first demigod in years to notice the goddess Hestia and speak with her, he convinced his father Hades to fight in the Titan war when no one else could, and he alone convinced the Titan Bobto save Percy and Annabeth.
  • Nico has been to a New Orleans graveyard, though it is unknown why he went. Interestingly, this is one of the favorite hangouts of another death god (Anubis, the Egyptian god of funerals). It was also the place that his half-sister Hazel Levesque lived just before her death.
  • Nico and Jason Grace have similarities:
    • They both have older sisters, whom have both been/are Hunters of Artemis.
    • They have both been to Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.
    • They have godly stepmothers (Persephone, Juno).
    • Both have lost their memory. Nico's because of being dipped in the River Lethe and Jason's was removed by Juno (though Jason's is temporary; in The House of Hades he seems to be recovering from his amnesia, much like Iapetus).
  • Hazel Levesque and Nico's mothers share similar first names: Marie Levesque and Maria di Angelo.
  • Nico's birthday is undecided. Rick Riordan has stated on two different occasions his birth-date: January 28th, 1924 and May 16th, 1924. However, the year would be way off since in The Son of Neptune, Hazel stated he was only a few years younger than her. Another contradiction comes from The House of Hadeswhere in Nico mentioned that he was about six years old when he first visited Diocletian's private residence in "[nineteen] thirty-eight or so". This would put his date of birth at around the early 1930s.[2]
  • In the series, he is described as having long, shaggy black hair, but in his portrait he has short brown hair. Also, he seems to have green eyes instead of brown, and not as pale of skin.
  • He is the only child of the Big Three to never have gone on an official quest. However, he, Percy, and Thalia were given the task of retrieving the then unfinished sword of Hades, and succeeded. As well as aiding the seven in closing the Doors of Death and brought the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood to end the civil war.
  • Unlike his half sister Hazel, horses don't like Nico (as Porkpie, one of Blackjack's friend once stated: "He smells like dead people.")
  • Most animals don't like Nico due to him smelling like death, and the feeling is often mutual.
  • Nico speaks fluent Italian, as he is Italian by birth.[3]
  • Nico has the ability to control ghosts. However Melinoe is the goddess of ghosts, not Hades.
  • As of The Titan's Curse, Nico is the only known demigod that is confirmed to have watched Camp Half-Blood's Orientation Film.
  • As of The Last Olympian, Nico is the first demigod in many years known to have stopped by and spoken to Hestia, who is usually ignored when she visits Camp Half-Blood.
  • As of The Son of Neptune, Nico is the first known Greek demigod since the First Demigod Civil War to learn about the existence of Roman demigods, and to visit Camp Jupiter.
  • Nico is the only known Senator at Camp Jupiter that was neither a Centurion nor a Praetor, instead serving as the Ambassador of Pluto.
  • As of The Mark of Athena, Nico is the first known demigod ever to have returned from Tartarus alive but even as a son of Hades, his stay in Tartarus left him shattered and more withdrawn.
    • Percy speculates, when on the verge of death and seeing Tartarus as it really is, that Nico had seen it that way the whole time, and that even a few moments of seeing it was maddening. He wonders how Nico had survived with his sanity.
  • As of The House of Hades, Nico is the only known demigod that Leo, Frank and Jason are afraid of.
  • Nico has been transformed into plants twice in the series: into a dandelion by Persephone during a "family spat" shortly before the The Demigod Files, and into a corn plant by Triptolemus in The House of Hades.
  • As of The House of Hades, Nico, is the only confirmed LGBT demigod (though it is hinted that Will Solacemight be as well), something he has been trying to hide for years. The only blatant clue is in The Titan's Curse, when he asks Percy if Annabeth is his girlfriend. 
  • As of The Blood of Olympus, Nico is the only known hypnokinesis user that is not a child of Hypnos.
  • In both the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the The Heroes of Olympus series, Nico ensures the fulfillment of the Great Prophecies: Nico helps Percy gain the Curse of Achilles, which enables both Percy and Luke to defeat Kronos ("the hero's soul cursed blade shall reap"), and Nico tells Iapetus that Percy is a friend, which induces him to follow Percy and Annabeth to the Doors of Death ("foes bear arms to the Doors of Death").
  • Hades once gave Nico a French zombie chauffeur, Jules-Albert, for his birthday.
  • When he was little (even before he became interested in Mythomagic), Nico was obsessed with pirates.
  • Near the end of The Blood of Olympus, Will gives various hints that he interested in Nico. When Nico confesses his crush to Percy, he then walks away to join Will. This can be interpreted as Nico choosing Will over Percy.
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