Matthew Gregory Golden
Matthew Golden


July 14, 1765 Boston, Massachusetts


May 17, 1791

Age When Turned


Created by

unknown vampire

Eye color

Red (newborn vampire & human blood) Blue (never drank blood for six months) Golden (vegetarian vampire) Dark Brown (human) Black (Thirsty as a vampire)

Hair Color

Dark Black






Shelia Golden(Mate) Maya Golden(Adoptive Sister) Adam Golden (Adoptive Brother) Michael Golden(Adoptive Son) Merlia Golden(Adoptive Daughter) Kaylan Golden(Adoptive Son) Natalie Golden(Adoptive Daughter in Law) Daniel Golden(Adoptive Grandson)



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Matthew Gregory Golden was born on July 14, 1765 in Boston, Massachusetts during Great Britain's rule on the American colonies. His mother does silver making and his father was a bartender at Boston's Club a bar near the Boston harbor. When his father plan to group an army to defeat the British soldiers and claim freedom on their colonies his father was arrested when Matthew was twelve years old. When he turn eighteen his parents was killed by the British soldiers for their actions on the war and the Revolutionary War ended couple years later with leaving him no family behind. Matthew felt cold and loneliness even no care for him and the first U.S. President George Washington served him as his right by Great Britain defeat before his family's death. During the end of his human life he served as agent for Washington before leaving and become a bartender like his father. On the night of May 17, 1791 while walking home he saw a mysterious being and got attacked while running away from the unknown creature which was faster than him and throw him through the brick walls and bit Matthew turning him into a vampire. Matthew stayed at the empty alley for three days and after his painful transformation and awake while he went to the rise of sunlight his skin sparkled like diamonds and he realize of himself as a vampire and serve his new life after his family's death.
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