Luigi's Mansion is a game created and developed by Nintendo in 2001. It is a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube. It's about Luigi winning a mansion (a haunted one) without even entering a contest. Characters that debuted in this game include King Boo, and Professor E. Gadd. It's a Player's Choice Game, and sold about 6,000,000 copies.


Area OneEdit

Luigi walks in Boo Woods looking for the mansion, and sees it. He enters the mansion, and the game starts. The player thinks there is three ways to go in the Foyer, but they are not available (double doors in first floor has forcefeild, other doors in second floor locked). If the player proceeds to the double doors on the second floor (no forcefeild), the doors are locked, so Luigi goes down, gets the key, and proceeds to the Parlor.

Once in the Parlor, Luigi sees Professor E. Gadd, who is sucking up a Gold Ghost with the Poltergust 3000. Professor E. Gadd then gives the Poltergust 3000 to Luigi , along with the Game Boy Horror (parody of Game Boy Color) at his lab. In the lab, Professor E. Gadd teaches Luigi how to use the Poltergust 3000, by sending ghosts at him. Once training is done, you can relax at the Gallery, or start the adventure.

Starting the adventure, Luigi starts in the Parlor, and must blow all the candles to advance. Once so, the portraits speak, and then three Gold Ghosts appear (Gold Ghosts are very weak ghosts that have 10 HP.). Once they're captured, Luigi gets to the key to the Anteroom, which is the single door on the top right corner of the room.

In the Anteroom, the doors will be locked by forcefeilds, and a new kind of ghost is introduced. That is the Purple Puncher (which is pink). It is pretty moderate with 20 HP.  Also, Gold Ghosts will appear in the Anteroom. Once the ghosts are captured, the forcefeilds disappear, and the lights turn on, the player can advance to the Wardrobe Room, which is unlocked already.

In the Wardrobe Room, you start with a Gold Ghost, and if you inspect the right wardrobe, there is a Speedy Spirit. A Speedy Spirit is a turquoise colored version of a Gold Ghost, with the Speedy Spirit being the opposite of Gold Ghost.Speedy Spirits also give a lot of money. Be careful capturing Speedy Spirits because if you miss it, it is gone forever, unless you restart the game. Garbage Can Ghosts can be annoying by how they have 40 HP, and how they throw bananas to the ground. Once the ghost are gone, you get the key to the west hall of the 2nd floor, access to the Balcony (next to the Wardrobe Room, where there is a Toad), and the Study which is unlocked. If you go to the first floor, and you go under the celing lamp, the celing lamp will fall.

The Study has a Gold Mouse, in which you will have to use the Game Boy Horror to find cheese. Once you find the cheese, a Gold Mouse appears, and you'll have to capture it for money. Money helps you win a better ending. If you miss it, it's not gone, but you have to leave the room, and re-enter the room and do the same thing.

The Study also has a Speedy Spirit, but the main thing is the ghost, a Portrait Ghost named Neville. He has 100 HP, and drops out pearls (and every Portrait Ghost does as well) every 10 HP drained. Pearls come in three sizes, and the more larger it is, the better the frame is.To capture Neville, the player has to wait for him to yawn. Once Neville is sucked in, the key to the Master Bedroom is available.

The Master Bedroom's only ghost is Lydia, another Portrait Ghost. To capture her, Luigi has to open the curtain on the right to see a broken window. Once done, you get the key to the Nursery.

The Nursery is the final room in Area One, with Chauncey being the area boss. Chauncey does not drop pearls, and getting a frame is by how your health is in the end of the battle. To fight Chauncey, you start by rocking the rocking horse, and encourages Luigi to play a game. To win the game, you throw the ball to Chauncey (CHILD ABUSE!!!), and he'll shrink you. Then the battle begins. First, he'll send flying rocking horses at you. Next, several bouncy balls appear. The one that stops bouncing is the one you should get, and throw at Chauncey. Then you can drain his health. If the draining stops, he'll bounce over the crib, and will do everything again. Once captured, you get the Heart Key, which gives you access to Area Two.

Your Poltergust 3000 is full, so Professor E. Gadd invites Luigi to his Ghost Portrificationizer, where Luigi empties the Poltergust 3000, and Professor E. Gadd explains the steps to the Portrificationizer. After the ghosts go through the machineand turned to portraits, Luigi gets the portraits of each Portrait Ghost, which will go to the Gallery. What becomes the common of the ghosts is unknown.

Area TwoEdit

Remember the double doors with that forcefeild in the Foyer? Well the forcefeild will disappear, and you get access to the first floor. You'll end up in a dark hallway (which every hallway will light up when the area is done so, it is not dark all the time) that has ghosts that have no HP. Ghosts in the dark hallways include Bowling Ghosts, Celing Surprises, Purple Bombers (which are actually purple), blue mice, and bat ghosts. The player should go to the back of the mansion through a big corridor, and go to the only unlocked room in the area, which is the Bathroom.

The Bathroom's only ghosts are Grabber Ghosts. They can be annoying at times, but the good thing is that they are weak. They grab on you, so when the lights turn on, Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi (or the player) to spin the yellow C Stick if a Grabber Ghost grabs on to you. Then you can go to the Ball Room.

The Ball Room introduces Shy Guy Ghosts. They have 20 HP, and often come in pairs. Their only attack is pointing their forks at Luigi. Once the Shy Guy Ghosts are gone, The  Floating Whirlindas appear.

The Floating Whirlindas are two Portrait Ghosts that share one heart. To capture them, the player has to wait until the man spins the women, and the man says Yeah. Once captured, the player advances to the Storage Room.