Corona:The Golden Chalice
Author Naima N. Muhammad
Illustrator Naima N. Muhammad
Publication date May 26th, 2015
Published by Naima N. Muhamad
Publication Order
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Corona:The Red Lotus
Corona: The Golden Chalice, is the first book in the Corona Series, it fallows the story of a seventeen year old handmaiden in Venice, Italy, who learns that she is the rightful heir, to the throne in the fictional kingdom of Vincenza.

Corona: The Golden Chalice Edit

Epilogue Edit

As i stared deep into the painting, i noticed a spark in her eyes, as if i was looking at the shiny side of diamond through a magnifying glass, as if she was staring right back at me, "Beautiful Ain't she?" said a man wearing a thick black wool coat and a gold monocle on his left eye, with a pointy black top hat. "yep, that's the killer queen, oh sorry, how rude of me. Jameson sweany III" he continued. He held out his pale hand, i shook it and introduced myself "Elizabeth Lakehurst" i said "so what's the story about the killer queen" i asked as we walked down the long corridor towards, a giant statue of the queen "oh, it's a long story, about conquer, retribution, and betrayal, you wouldn't want to hear it" he said "well actually, i was sent hear by my see i'm a reporter and i was sent here to do a story, and think that i've found my topic" i explained. Just then he pulled out a thick, red book, and by the looks of it it had at least 500 pages in it, "and what's this?" i asked. "i thought you said you didn't like this story" " No, madame, i said that you wouldn't like this story i didn't say anything about me" he answered "is this about you just wanting to get your story to a reporter?" i asked Edit

"it wasn't me who wrote this" he said. I looked over at the statue and the spark was back, but this time it was brighter, whiter, stronger..."shall i start?" said Jameson. Edit

Chapter 1: I See Fire.... Edit

The Law in the kingdom is very complex, handmaiden's live in the bottom quarter's of the castle, and are forbidden from going to the throne room unless they invited, by king Janoah, or queen Ladonna, or Princess Marcella. the king seems to invite us to the top of the kingdom the most, but not for cleaning. There has been a circle of rumors, that the king only uses us maid's for his own adulterous pleasures. At first i didn't believe it but, after Rosa, came in screaming that she was going to have the next heir, i didn't know what to believe. The queen on the other hand only calls us up for the simplest, things, like if she had a little drop of wine, on her chin, or if she had grease on her fingertips, other than that she never called on us, unless she were to fire one of us, just for her own amusement. And Lastly (and by far the worst) Princess Marcella, who treated us more like slaves, than Maid's, she has us fallowing her around, as if were he minions, and if we don't something perfectly, she takes away something, we love the most, and then she goes to her mother, and says that they tried to bribe her, Edit